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Bigheads arrived for front cycle wings

As others have done before me, I decided to go the route of using the bighead fasteners rather than bolting through the fiberglass for the front wings. My package of fasteners arrived today; QTY 8 SB32-CableTyrap-15. Note, the website has the 12mm bigheads but you want the 15mm ones. I sent an email to Szilard Lakatos via their website and he was able to get me the 15mm ones with no problem. The only minor issue I have is the […]

Build Day 32 – Throttle bracket, oil lines, boot board, boot carpet, and wiring tidying

I didn’t have much time, or energy, to spend on the car today. My back was bothering me something fierce after yesterday’s marathon hunched over the car fitting the knee panels and trim so focused on some minor punch list items today. Kim was around so she helped out with an extra set of hands. First up was to get the throttle cable bracket adjusted and screw it into the intake. When fitting it prior, the bottom hole was off […]

Build Day 31 – Door sills, cockpit carpet, cooling, and wiring

I was eager to get some progress done since I had the day to myself. I wasn’t quite sure where to start, so just picked something, and that was to start on the door sills. I’ve been hesitant to do them since its one of those fiddly, time consuming tasks but at some point it needs to get done so might as well get it done now. First step was to push the door sills over the frame rails then […]

Build Day 30 – handbrake, trans tunnel rivets, boot board, and exhaust

I started off the day unsure about which direction to head in. It’s been a while since I really had time to focus on anything and that was much the same today – I had just a couple hours after work to get some stuff done. After making a circle around the car, I figured I might as well start buttoning up some areas. First thing to tackle then would be the hand brake, that seemed simple enough. Getting the wrenches […]

Build Day 29 – Electrical, throttle body, and started exhaust

The coil pack harness and the alternator wiring (also missing from other folks’ builds) arrived during the week and was eager to get things moving again. That, and I hadn’t been home for a weekend in 5 weeks and was in desperate need of some dedicated car time! Spring is here, weather warming up, time to get moving! I figured the first task for the day was to get the electrical harnesses in. I spent some time early in the AM […]


A couple bonehead things have happened during the build, each easily preventable. Documenting so others can learn from my mistakes. First, when we picked up the car to adjust it slightly on the stands before putting the engine in, since the engine hoist wouldn’t clear the ceiling support in the garage, we jacked up the back end then used it as a pivot. The DeDion wasn’t torqued in all the way and it stressed the frame just enough to rumple […]