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Build Day 38 – Seats, airbox breather tube, rear wing protector

First task of the day to get myself going was to put the harnesses in. Prior, I’d had one shoulder harness that was a blue-grey rather than the black it should be. Caterham (thanks Derek) sent me out another set of harnesses and the color was spot on. The strap release is different than the driver’s side, but I can live with it so on they went. I’d read on another build blog that if you put some grease on […]

Build Day 37 – Exhaust guard and rear wing protector

After a couple week break due to travel, I had a little time to get back to the car. First up was the missing temperature sensor ground. Easily attached to the submarine piece and torqued down to “tight”.   Next up was the exhaust guard. Easily attached with 3 band clips; 170-190mm is the correct size. Special order from Caterham – couldn’t find them locally at Home Depot (thanks Derek and Tony @ Caterham).   Since Kim was around she […]

Build Day 36 – Rear fender arches

After yesterday’s frustrations I wasn’t too keen on going back at it, but another part of me was quite keen on getting a little bit done – every day it gets nicer and warmer outside. I started the day with a trip to the gym and lunch with Kim, then a friend of ours, Jon came over to see the car and shoot the breeze for a bit. We hadn’t seen him in a while so it was a welcome […]

Build Day 35 – Intake plenum, seats, harnesses, boot cover, and a lot of frustration

I had grand hopes for today. Kim was gone at a baby shower (congratulations Peter and Gloria!) so I figured I had a full day of car progress ahead of me. I started out the day taking care of some house needs; fixed the grout in the shower, went to Home Depot 3 times, and fixed two leaking toilets. Once my chores were done it was down to the garage about 11am. First up – get the intake plenum on […]

Build Day 34 – Checking rear suspension, speedo, and breather tube

Adam, Venice, and Heather came by this morning for a bit to help me square up some things with the car. I was hoping to start the engine, but missing the ground plug for the submarine piece and a few other bits I was unsure of meant we had to delay. Meanwhile, we set about torquing in the rear suspension and giving it a final once over. Not too many pictures since there’s not much new to report, but the […]

Build Day 33 – Radiator painting, weather gear, battery, intake, and diff and trans fluid

Finally! A long, full day to work on the car. Kim was gone some of the day (I don’t remember where) so set about early in the morning to get at it. First up was to get the MAP (or is it MAF?) sensor attached to the intake manifold (plenum). I was missing a bolt prior so picked up one at Home Depot – from memory it was an M5 20mm which seemed to fit fine. Next up was to […]

Bigheads arrived for front cycle wings

As others have done before me, I decided to go the route of using the bighead fasteners rather than bolting through the fiberglass for the front wings. My package of fasteners arrived today; QTY 8 SB32-CableTyrap-15. Note, the website has the 12mm bigheads but you want the 15mm ones. I sent an email to Szilard Lakatos via their website and he was able to get me the 15mm ones with no problem. The only minor issue I have is the […]