The first outing

I’ve been asked several times to take the car up to the local car show, Caffeine and Exotics. C&E is an invite only show intended to include only the really interesting or exotic stuff; no stock BMWs, Minis, or Mustangs. Feeling like the car was in a good enough state to take out, I signed up at the last minute and was quite excited about taking it out for its grand viewing – nobody other than a few friends had really seen it.

Sunday morning Kim and I hopped in and off we went. No major issues with the car, the idle was doing its odd thing,¬†but able to be driven fine. As we were approaching the intersection of West Paces and Habersham I got in the left lane to turn and¬†knowing the blinkers weren’t hooked up yet didn’t bother turning them on. It just so happens a police car then pulled up through the light and slowed down next to us as we waited to turn. Kim looked at me and said “He’s going to give you a ticket for no turn indicators.” I didn’t say anything, just thought to myself “shit.”

So the cop pulls up, rolls down his window, looks at us, and says… “Man, that’s a sweeettttt ride.” I look at him, look at Kim, look back at him and say “Thanks!”. There was a sudden break in traffic so before he can think twice about pulling us over I just hit the gas and made the left! Kim and I just started laughing after that.

The event was fun, tons of people asking about the car, and it was great to get it out for a bit. I took a couple quick pictures to commemorate it.

The first outing

The first outing


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