Speedo issues

It appears the issue I’m having with my speedo is the same as everyone else. The fix is to cut off the ground wire on the speedo wiring harness plug (the plug that runs to the front of the car as part of the loom), then attach a new ground wire to the plug, and screw the terminal ring end of the new wire into the chassis crossmember, which requires drilling a hole in the crossmember. The instructions from Caterham in the tech note are clear and concise, it’s quite easy to fix although a bit of a pain in the ass to get the drill in there to make the hole.

Speedo replacement wire

After a quick 10 mile drive I’m happy to report it’s fixed.

[Edit: Nope, not fixed.]


2 thoughts on “Speedo issues”

  1. Did you ever have success with your speedo. I had implemented the fix as you described on your blog and my speedo worked fine for ~1000 miles or so. Then on a hot weekend and 600 miles the Speedo died a death and has never even blinked since. Currently, I have a GPS installed which gives a speed readout.

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