T-22B Form Complete

With the car almost done, I started lining up the things I need to get the tags and title applied for. After do a bunch of reading online and talking to other folks I determined in the State of Georgia I needed three things to get my tags:

1. MV-1 form which is the tag application.

2. T-22B form completed and signed off by a local law enforcement officer stating the car wasn’t stolen and the VIN checks out.

3. Proof of insurance.

With that in mind, the MV-1 form was easy and filled that out online. Insurance was equally easy; quick call to Hagerty and the car was insured. The T-22B was a little more involved since it required a local law enforcement officer to come out and review it. After putting it off for a few days, I called the local police precinct and asked them about doing the VIN check for the T-22B form. The precinct said I had 2 options; a) call 911 for a non-emergency call and have them come out or b) drive the car up to the precinct for them to do the VIN check. Since the car isn’t driveable the choice was easy…

After talking to the 911 operator, which always makes me nervous, they sent out a police officer to check the VIN. Even though it was a non-emergency call, they were at the house within 20 minutes or so. That’s pretty impressive. The officer was a nice guy, we chatted about cars a little bit, and then he did the VIN check and it came back not found (of course, it’s never been registered). With that done he signed off on the form and the T-22B was finished.

Off to the DMV in the morning for tags…


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  1. Hey do anyone know a place i can go to get the t-22 form sign in georgia because da police dont come out to ur house anymore u got to take it somewhere and i dont knw where to go

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