Build Day 22 – Back to the cooling lines

I’ve got answers. Maybe not all of them, but I’ve got some and that’s enough to keep moving. In no particular order:

  1. The heater pull cable, to turn the heater on and off, runs through the scuttle on the driver’s side. However, this is opposite for a LHD car so I needed to find a way to route the cable. I ended up routing under the brake lines, right in front of the cheese wedge and under the steering column, and looping it back to the heater between the battery and heater itself. It seems to line up ok with this orientation and a quick test confirmed it works ok from inside the cockpit.
  2. I don’t need the aluminum water rail after talking to Randy. I’ll just use the long rubber hose instead and route past the tensioner above the cruciform.
  3. Tom’s diagram makes the most sense to follow at this point, but I’ll route past the modine, since I don’t have one, and go straight to the T piece near the washer bottle. Space is getting tight on the left side of the engine; that water bottle may be going the way of the Dodo soon because I think it’s going to be in the way.

First up was to attach the J hose to the submarine and temp sender. Easily accomplished. Measurements were made just by laying the hoses out and cutting as necessary. The Caterham manual specifies lengths for each piece but at this point I just don’t trust it; I’ll make each on the fly as I go working from one end to the other.

From there I used the L hose to go to the heater switch and cut to the appropriate length. Then from there to the heater, back from the heater to the switch, then finally a long piece of hose to get down to the T piece. From the T piece, I attached one run to the water outlet on the engine, and another piece of hose to the expansion bottle which was only loosely mounted to the cruciform. The pics below describe it much better than words do.

Heater and cooling

Coolant lines

One odd thing I noticed is the direction of my inlet and outlet on the expansion bottle is angled differently than in other blog posts. Maybe this is a new model or something, not sure, but seems to fit ok although I did rotate the mounting bracket by about 120 degrees.

Expansion bottle

That damn water bottle is indeed in the way; par for the course with everything on that side of the engine. Route over, under, just remove it? No idea but will need to figure it out before going too much further.

Washer bottle in the way


Shot of the right hand side. Tom’s diagram brings the small 5/16″ hose under the left side and along the large top radiator hose but with the left side so cluttered I ran along the oil breather hose on the top and down under the cruciform. Seems to be ok there so zip tied it temporarily while I sort out the left side.

At that point I stopped for the night – something was smelling quite good in the slow cooker and I’d made a fair bit of progress.