8,918 memories in 5 minutes

Now that the car is mostly done (just need to wire the headlights, attach the weather gear, and fix the speed-o ground wire which failed over the weekend) I sat down yesterday and assembled the time lapse video. From a timeline perspective, the build started September 26, 2014 and “ended” June 7, 2015. Over the course of 42 ‘build days’, I put in just over 148 hours of time and captured 8,918 pictures. I also experienced 3 seasons of weather in the garage, drank a healthy amount of beer, worked in my pajamas in the middle of the night 3 times, and had the assistance of a lot of great friends. Thank you all!

Technical specs: Capture was done with a GoPro Hero 3 set for a wide angle 12mp capture every 60 seconds. Editing was done with GoPro’s Studio something-or-other software which I was less than thrilled with. Music courtesy of Social Distortion’s Story of My Life from the album Live at the Roxy.


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