Bigheads arrived for front cycle wings

As others have done before me, I decided to go the route of using the bighead fasteners rather than bolting through the fiberglass for the front wings. My package of fasteners arrived today; QTY 8 SB32-CableTyrap-15. Note, the website has the 12mm bigheads but you want the 15mm ones. I sent an email to Szilard Lakatos via their website and he was able to get me the 15mm ones with no problem. The only minor issue I have is the FS Acrylic bonding agent isn’t exportable from the UK to the States so will need to find something locally. is the bighead website. is the link to Daniel French’s blog with instructions to setting them up properly on the car.


3 thoughts on “Bigheads arrived for front cycle wings”

  1. Daniel, after you referenced my blog I spent a fun evening re-living my build vicariously through yours. It looks like you are making great progress. Based on some of your pictures I have some suggestions that could save you some time and end up with a neater end result. Drop me an email and I will ping you back.

  2. Daniel, after reviewing some of your photos, here are some suggestions to make your life easier:

    1) find the fuel line (black shiny corrugated line coming out of transmission tunnel on RHS) and route it over to the fuel rail before you do anything else. It is a tight squeeze to get a smooth run and you may need to disconnect some heater/cooling hoses, so better to do this before you fill with coolant.
    2) The cam cover breather hose does not run forward in the U.S. As it does in the UK. In the UK is runs how you have it to a catch tank, but I don’t think this is allowed in the U.S., it certainly is not in CA. You have to run it toward the drivers side bulkhead and connect it into the air filter box so iany fumes feed back into the engine.
    3) Screen washerbottle. It really is awkward, and on your car, when the inlet manifold is on, you will have no chance to get to it. I suggest moving it back several inches and down several inches; find a suitable chassis section to rivet the bracket on. Then at least you can reach under the body side and lift up and down and out to fill it.

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