Build Day 19 – A Valentines quickie

Kim and I made a trip to Home Depot in the morning and acquired a temporary bolt for the alternator (waiting on Derek from Caterham UK to send me parts) and a vice so I could get the 13mm nut loose on the horns. I bought myself a nice 6″ vice which did the trick magnificently. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Nice vice

Kim was gracious enough to indulge me for 5 minutes to help hold the vice so I could get the nuts off; I’ll drill out the workbench and mount it properly eventually. After that we stopped – it was Valentines and wanted to give her attention for the day…

… but then Kim fell asleep on the couch and I sneaked down to the garage. 🙂 I got the horns on the chassis before my absence was discovered and put my tools down for the day.

Horns on