Completed the parts inventory

Tonight after going out for some La Parilla, Kim and I finished the parts inventory from the manual (using latest I could download from Caterham, Nov 2013) and emailed Jon at Caterham USA about what’s missing and my questions.

Here’s what it looks like I’m missing and/or need clarification on:

  • Spare wheel w/ associated fasteners, center caps, center cap badges, etc.
  • Gearbox fastener pack ZGB14 says its for a K-Series engine; I’ll be using the Duratec engine so not sure if this is the right fastener pack or not.
  • Driveshaft nyloc nuts – I see two nyloc nuts on there but both are white and the manual says one white and one green. Asked Jon about what I should have.
  • Fastener pack for the suspension in the manual is 30R012A, I got 30R012C. I’m assuming its correct but didn’t match the manual so wanted to ask.
  • Missing lower wishbone left hand side, wide track. Of all the things I’m missing this one is the most important as it’s one of the first things that goes on.
  • There’s no SVA bag; I’m assuming there is nothing in there I need since I’m not in the UK but wanted to validate.
  • I’ve got an extra bag of random parts – aero whiskers, clutch line, screws, washers, nuts – and think it might be Simon’s (the owner of the red Superlight I got by accident) because I found a bottle of red touch up paint in the bag with his build number on it. I’ve got his address (from the side of the box) and can send it his way. Similarly, I think he’s got mine as I’m missing the fuel filler cover, wiper blades, wiper arms, transmission tunnel cover, IVA trim, velcro strips, green touch up paint, fastener packs 30P106A, ZCH, and ZWE – essentially everything from page 43 of the manual that was shipped loose in the car.
  • I’ve got a ton of Ford parts with no parts manifest. I asked Jon if Caterham has one so I can inventory those boxes. The big things I can think of are in there, but wanted to see what I should have because I’m sure there’s a million little nuts, bolts, random bits I’ll need.

Overall, the inventory task wasn’t too bad. Things were together in boxes by function, i.e. suspension, engine, lighting, weather gear, etc. and Kim was down there helping me so went pretty quick – with both of us I think we knocked it out in about 2 hours. The problem was the manual was pretty spotty on the polythene bags – it just says “suspension polythene bag” and you take it at face value the polythene bag has what you need. I’ve got to see if Caterham has a parts database for every part number – that’d be really helpful. And no parts inventory for the engine; it’s like a big black hole mystery right now what the heck I need to do with that thing and all the ancillaries but will cross that gap when I get there.