Delivery confusion

I’m frustrated. I talked to Holland Freight Monday morning and confirmed they’d be here Tuesday afternoon between 4 and 6 pm to deliver the box. We even coordinated the time so I would have people here to help get it off the truck since a 13′ crate on a lift gate is difficult.

Then Monday afternoon around 2pm they tried to deliver it on a 53′ truck with no lift gate, no forklift, no pallet jack, and 1 guy. I asked him how he proposed to get 1000 lbs off the truck without any of those items. He had no answer and took the crate back to the depot so it could be delivered on Tuesday as planned.

A few minutes ago I called Holland Freight, to make sure we’re on for today between 4 and 6, and now they’re telling me it might get delivered on Thursday but can’t confirm because they weren’t paid for a lift-gate or residential delivery; talked to Caterham USA and they assured me it had been setup with lift gate and residential delivery. All the delivery trucks are out on their routes, my crate isn’t on one, so it will definitely not be coming today. So close… yet so far away.