The crates are only miles away

I’ve been on and off the phone a few times this week with the shipper, One Stop Freight-ways, and FedEx. Since the crates left Denver Friday, there’s been a little confusion on where they are going to drop these things. Total weight is 1,641 lbs in 2 crates; one is 13′ long by 4′ wide and the other is over 8′ tall and 4′ wide. According to the shipper I need “inside delivery” for them to get it into the garage, but don’t have any costs or real info. FedEx is the delivery company for “the last mile “and they said there wouldn’t be a problem getting it down the driveway and into the garage, its already taken care of as part of residential delivery. When talking with Jon at Caterham USA he highly recommended against getting this “inside delivery” as it would be pricey and they’re talking about bringing in a forklift to move it. That seems kind of excessive (and insane) since the driveway slopes downward – let gravity do the work although controlling an 8′ tall crate that weighs 924 lbs as it goes down the driveway scares me. I’m nervous and anxious to get this here – the sooner its under my control the better.

With all that said, the crates arrived in Atlanta tonight; ironically enough about the time I was arriving at the Lotus Club dinner. I’ve got work commitments tomorrow and have to be at the office so delivery will have to take place on Thursday, August 14th. Delivery might be tricky though – Thursday is mom’s birthday and she’s coming up to Atlanta to spend the day hanging out with me. I feel a little guilty about spending her birthday chained to the house so hopefully we can get the car early and have the rest of the day to go goof off somewhere. On the flip side, waiting until Friday is a no-go. Not only do I have work commitments, but the box opening party has already been planned for Saturday and got 30 people committed to being here. I’m cautiously optimistic FedEx can get this stuff delivered, this is their bread and butter, but I’ve got a nagging suspicion this won’t go according to plan. I’m going to feel really, really relieved when the car is in the garage safe and sound.

The Caterham arrived in Atlanta