Mechanic’s Coveralls

It’s about 2am and I can’t stop reading build blogs looking for those little hidden nuggets of knowledge that will make this project successful. I’m starting to get nervous about this grand adventure – like any project, I’m already about ten grand over my budget. And I don’t even have anything tangible yet. But anything worth doing is worth doing the way you want it and of course I just have to be the first kid on my block with a car that’ll make grown men weep and women ask why in god’s name it doesn’t have an air conditioner, a radio, or a windshield.

Anyway, so I was reading these build blogs and found this one blog from a group of kids in the UK. Apparently they have some kind of charity project for high school kids to build a Caterham; that’s cool stuff. The build blog was scant on details, but what I found awesome in there was a picture of the coveralls the kids got – it had their name and the Super 7 logo embroidered on the breast pocket!

Like I said, I was searching for hidden gems… so yeah… I need to order some coveralls. 🙂