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Tags received!

This morning I went over to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to get my title and tags. I was a little nervous about the tag process as I’d heard horror stories of eight trips to the DMV for paperwork, confused DMV employees not knowing what was required and not required, and generally just … the perfect storm of governmental chaos. So this morning at 8am I showed up at the DMV office with a stack of paperwork in hand […]

T-22B Form Complete

With the car almost done, I started lining up the things I need to get the tags and title applied for. After do a bunch of reading online and talking to other folks I determined in the State of Georgia I needed three things to get my tags: 1. MV-1 form which is the tag application. 2. T-22B form completed and signed off by a local law enforcement officer stating the car wasn’t stolen and the VIN checks out. 3. […]

Build Day 40 – Engine Start – It’s ALIVE!

Today at noon we planned to start the engine for the first time. Going into the morning I was pretty hopeful things would go ok; fluids were full, no leaks after I tightened down the coolant return line last night. The day started early, at 7am, for a breakfast run to Einstein’s Bagels and then to Home Depot for M8 cap head bolts to attach the parking and reverse lights. Rather than attach the lights directly to the aluminum, Randy […]

Build Day 39 – Dipstick tube, fluids, and clutch and brake bleeding

A few days ago I tried to get the oil dipstick into place between the 2nd and 3rd cylinder inlets, it would be the 2nd hole in the inlet manifold going front to back, right next to the manifold pressure sensor. Based on other blog posts it should fit, however, my bracket was slightly longer and did not fit in the middle hole. From Mark he measured his at 2 5/8″, mine was just a tad over 3″, which explains […]

Build Day 38 – Seats, airbox breather tube, rear wing protector

First task of the day to get myself going was to put the harnesses in. Prior, I’d had one shoulder harness that was a blue-grey rather than the black it should be. Caterham (thanks Derek) sent me out another set of harnesses and the color was spot on. The strap release is different than the driver’s side, but I can live with it so on they went. I’d read on another build blog that if you put some grease on […]

Build Day 37 – Exhaust guard and rear wing protector

After a couple week break due to travel, I had a little time to get back to the car. First up was the missing temperature sensor ground. Easily attached to the submarine piece and torqued down to “tight”.   Next up was the exhaust guard. Easily attached with 3 band clips; 170-190mm is the correct size. Special order from Caterham – couldn’t find them locally at Home Depot (thanks Derek and Tony @ Caterham).   Since Kim was around she […]

Build Day 36 – Rear fender arches

After yesterday’s frustrations I wasn’t too keen on going back at it, but another part of me was quite keen on getting a little bit done – every day it gets nicer and warmer outside. I started the day with a trip to the gym and lunch with Kim, then a friend of ours, Jon came over to see the car and shoot the breeze for a bit. We hadn’t seen him in a while so it was a welcome […]