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New manuals from Caterham

A little news out of the Caterham camp – the manuals are being redesigned. If you’ve read through my build blog you’ll remember there were numerous challenges with the manual, namely there’s no instructions for the motor build up and it was confusing in some parts due to the varying degrees of detail and lack of a picture reference. The new manual is reminiscent of how Lego does theirs – heavy on pictures and icons and short on text. That’s […]

An active weekend

I spent lots of time with the car this weekend since the weather has been great – highs in the low 70’s and sunny. I wouldn’t mind some chilly winter air to make the season feel more Christmasy, however, I could stand to have another few days of driving time before winter really sets in. Saturday morning Kim and I took the Caterham up to the park to get some exercise since the weather was good and I needed to get […]

Tuning success!

I’ve got good news to report! The parts from Caterham arrived the Wednesday after Thanksgiving and was able to get them into place the following weekend, Saturday the 5th (I think). Idle issue is improved greatly after doing the TPS reset procedure. To reset the TPS, turn the key from position O to position II but don’t go so far as starting the car. Repeat moving from position O to position II 10+ times (I did it 30 just to be […]

A trip to the office

I had a few folks from work coming into town and a couple of them asked about the car; now that it was running well I thought it’d be a good opportunity to give a few people the rides they’ve asked for and to get some more break-in miles on it. On a very, very cold morning – about 37 degrees (F) – I suited up with my new goggles, skull cap, and wind proof jacket and headed to work. The […]

Progress and a sunny blat

After my last post I figured it was time to bring in reinforcements. A number of Lotus guys recommended I get in touch with Jeremy Buckingham at Buckingham Automotive and have him take a look at the oil pan. The speedo, fuel gauge, and idle issue are all “non critical” in the sense that you can still drive the car, however, having oil in the engine is a bit of a prerequisite and had to get solved. At their suggestion, […]


I happened to read on Daniel French’s blog about his continued problems with his gearbox leak and resulting decision to possibly get rid of the car. I can completely understand how he feels – I’m not very much removed from that myself after last week’s onslaught of issues. And yes, it’s gotten worse for me since the last update. Yesterday, Saturday, October 24th, I decided to spend some time on the car since Michigan wasn’t playing this week. To start with, […]

Caffeine & Exotics Again

Got up early, dressed warm, and backed the car out of the garage. Headlights working like a champ! On the way to Caffeine and Exotics I was shocked at how cold it was in the car. It was about 40 degrees F, and at 40 mph, it was damn cold! I’d worn a good wind proof jacket over my long sleeved shirt and my torso was reasonably warm, as was my head and ears from the skull cap I’d donned, […]