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Build Day 24 – Cooling, radiator, carpet, and throttle cable

For whatever reason I was feeling incredibly tired today. Just dead, beat, tired. No idea why. I had a lot of late work on Thursday and maybe it was just time catching up with me, but only had a few hours to spend in the garage today interspersed with naps. Just so … freaking… tired. First up, at some point in the day, was to attach the brake connection to the parking brake. It went into the top electrical connection […]

Build Day 23 – Brake lines, cooling, misc.

I unexpectedly ended up with a free night so went down to the garage for a bit to work on the car. I’d left the brake lines unattached prior and felt that was an easy thing to get sorted as well as adding the spacers which I realized were missing (middle bolts, why the bolts had a huge gap in them!). In theory an easy, relaxing night… Correctly done with the spacers (middle of pic). Also used the correct bolts […]

Build Day 22 – Back to the cooling lines

I’ve got answers. Maybe not all of them, but I’ve got some and that’s enough to keep moving. In no particular order: The heater pull cable, to turn the heater on and off,¬†runs through the scuttle on the driver’s side. However, this is opposite for a LHD car so I needed to find a way to route the cable. I ended up routing under the brake lines, right in front of the cheese wedge and under the steering column, and […]

Build Day 21 – Cooling

Since the pulleys, starter, and so on were in place next up was to make heads or tails of the cooling. The weather this week was freezing cold, in the low teens, so the garage was about as cozy as a wampa cave which gave me the opportunity to go over the manual a dozen times. By Saturday I had a good idea of what should go where, however, it was also apparent the parts I had were not at […]

Build Day 20 – Pulleys, belt, starter, and washer bottle

It was back to the garage full steam now that Valentine’s Day was over. I started the day with tightening down the pulleys so I could move onto the cooling system. These were much more difficult to do than I anticipated and realized I need the right tools. A quick trip to Sears for a strap wrench was a good choice; things went much quicker afterwards. Water pulley tightened and then moved onto the idler pulley (finger pointing to it, […]

Build Day 19 – A Valentines quickie

Kim and I made a trip to Home Depot in the morning and acquired a temporary bolt for the alternator (waiting on Derek from Caterham UK to send me parts) and a vice so I could get the 13mm nut loose on the horns. I bought myself a nice 6″ vice which did the trick magnificently. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! Kim was gracious enough to indulge me for 5 minutes to help hold the vice so I could get […]

Build Day 18 – Testing the bonnet fitment again

I got a response from Jon at Caterham USA the next morning saying to check the fitment with the nose cone on rather than just the bonnet over the engine. It also so happened my dad was coming into town for the night and wanted to see the car. This was¬†quite opportune; it would be much easier getting the bonnet maneuvered into place with 4 hands rather than 2. Based on Jon’s guidance, I got the nose cone attached with […]